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The Daily Special

Your daily dose of helpfulness

Google makes all kinds of helpful things. But when the entire world shut down and everyone suddenly found themselves stuck at home, people needed more than just a little help. They needed to transform the way they lived. So we set out to transform the Google Store into a place full of help.

We completely rebranded all our Nest products to highlight the things they were most helpful for at the moment. Making sourdough? Introducing the Nest Baker Buddy. Ordering takeout? Here’s The Nest Delivery Greeter.

Agency: Google

Role: Creative Director


We even made the price more helpful by offering an entire month of flash sales. To amplify this, we launched “The Daily Special” and teamed up with Fred Armisen to create 30 unique films promoting each day's deal.


Without any PR, day 1 traffic to the Google Store increased 400%. The films received over half a billion impressions on YouTube, and revenue reached $14 million. Most importantly, we helped make people laugh in a time when we all sorely needed it.


The campaign was mentioned on Good Morning America and featured in AdAge as an Editor’s Choice Campaign.


Social channels highlighting the daily deals drove a 1,000% increase in traffic to the site.


All told, we created over 30 original long-form films, shot in just 6 days, with a remote crew on Google's first live-action production during the pandemic. This was done in conjunction with 150 product renames, over 115 banner permutations, and over 750 unique social posts across 4 platforms. The campaign was produced in 10 weeks from concept to launch.

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